Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should /Will Win

If you read this site on a general bias.(hahahahaha) then you know that I usually don't do a lot of should win in my commentary on the races. So since award season is so close to being over I figured I break that tradition and publish my Should Win/Will Win.(these predictions could change before theo ceremony.)

Best Picture
Will Win: The Artist has won almost everything it could get it's hands on(besides the SAG) is backed by the Weinstons and is an homage to silent film this one's in the bag.

Should Win: It's tempting to pick The Artist but I'm going with Hugo. Although The Artist and Hugo were both silent film homages Hugo was the better one. Hugo showed the joy and imagination that could come from film with beautiful cinematography, art direction, costumes and special effects.

Should Have Been Nominated: Besides the obvious Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Drive(which at the very least should have been considered). I`m going to go with Warrior. Warrior was well acted , written and just an great all around film. Sadly it was a commercial failure and failed to garner any attention(in the best picture category)

Best Director
Will Win: After predicting a split last year I realize that splits are so rare. I stand firm in my belief that the academy hates to split simply because the academy believe it shows they made the wrong choice. Even though that is untrue Micheal Hazanavicius will still win because of that sole fact.

Should Win: Even if Martin Scorsese can't win best picture Martin Scorsese truly deserves best picture showing a pure love for film that Hugo balancing his visionary style and physical comedy his direction took a film that could have been average in the hands of any other filmmaker and turned it into something extraordinary.

Should Have Been Nominated: Nicolas Winding Refn really breathed life into Drive and had an amazing vision behind the camera. It's really sad how Drive will probably considered more of a student film that an amazing art house action film. Hopefully Nicholas Winding Refn can get awards heat he deserves for Only God Forgives.(if it's really good)

Best Actor
Will Win: Jean Dujardin has come out of nowhere and taken the momentum from both Geroge Clooney and Brad Pitt. Although I smell an upset coming from Brad Pitt. I'm going to have to go with Jean Dujardin even though I think that won't work out for the academy in the long run.

Should Win: I hate for it seem like I'm boarding the Brad Pitt train but after watching Moneyball it's really amazing how great he was as Billy Beane. If he was n newcomer there would be no way that he would lose this but I honestly think that people take his performance for granted.

Should Have Been Nominated: Micheal Fassbender if not only for the reason that he been in and been really good in so many films. The film he was best in was definitely Shame and he deserved a nomination.

Best Actress
Who Will Win: Viola Davis after the winning the SAG and the critics choice award will probably take this award. Meryl Streep has won before and The Iron Lady isn't a good enough of a film for the rest of the guilds to ban together. However Meryl Streep will always be a threat.

Should Win:This one is a tough won considering both Viola David and Meryl Streep really both deserve it but I'm going to go with Meryl Streep for creating a character right down to the breathing and breathing life into

Should Have Been Nominated: I honestly didn't watch a lot of best actress this year so I could be wrong but I'm going to go with Tilda Swinton for her haunting performance in My Life with Kevin. (kidding) We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Best Supporting Actor
Who Will Win: Christopher Plummer has had this one for a long time. Yes there is support for Max Von Sydow but it's almost the same story as last year a supporting actor cleans up all the critic and guild awards and at the last minute people see it turning a different way. I don't see it happening.()

Who Should Win: Christopher Plummer was very good turning in a tour de force performance in Beginners.

Should Have Been Nominated: Alberta Brooks really deserved to be nominated although he wasn't in the film for a very long he made a lasting impression and a terrifying villain.

Best Supporting Actress
Who Will Win: Octavia Spencer almost has this one in the bag  The Sag, Critic Choice Awards and other all support for the Help will bring her the gold.()Although she could lose due to a split and some Artist love.

Should Win: Although I think Octavia Spencer was very good and Melissa McCarthy certainly was funny. Jessica Chastain should take home the prize. She fully embodied her character and was able to actually bring humor and depth to her character. Plus she was very good (if not better in many films this year)

Should Have Been Nominated: Shailene Woodly

Best Original Screenplay
Who Will Win: The Descendants

Who Should Win: Moneyball

Should Have Been Nominated: 50/50

Best Adapted Screenplay
Who Will Win: The Artist (very close this might change)

Who Should Win: A Separation

 Should Have Been Nominated: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Animated Feature
Will/Should Win: Rango

Should Have Been Nominated: Tintin

Best Art Direction
Who Will / Should Win: Hugo

Should Have Been Nominated: Tinker,Tailor,Solider, Spy

Best Score
Who Will/ Should Win: The Artist

Should Have Been Nominated: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Best Editing
Who Will Win:The Artist

Who Should Win: Hugo

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Drive

Best Costume Design
Who Will Win: The Artist

Who Should Win: Hugo

Best Makeup
Will Win: Iron Lady

Should Win: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Best Cinematography 
Who Will Win: War Horse

Who Should Win: Tree of Life

Who Should Have Been Nominated: Drive

Best Sound Editing
Should/ Will Win: Hugo

Best Sound Mixing
Should/ Will Win: Hugo

Best Visual Effects
Will Win: Hugo

Should Win: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Best Original Song
Who Will/ Should Win: Man or Muppet

Should Have Been Nominated: Life's a Happy Song

Best Foreign Film
Will/ Should Win: A Separation

Best Documentary

Who Will Win: Pina

Who Should Win: Undefeated

 Should Have Been Nominated: Project Nim

Best Live Action Short
Will Win: Time Freak

Best Documentary Short
Will Win: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

 Best Animated Short
Who Will Win: The Fantastic Flying Books of Doctor Lessmore

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