Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Last Minute Changes

Every year there is a few categories that will make you tear your hair out. You sit and think about them for a long time and at some you come to a logical conclusion. However maybe you see an argument you didn't think off, a long lost stat that might me important and simply you feel you have to go with your gut.Then you have to sit down and rethink it again and again. However although you may be wrong you at some time your going to have to  lock your predictions in once the ceremony has began. Last there was several categories Art Direction, Cinematography and Costume Design that I kept changing my mind around. Here are some of those categories for me.

Best Original Screenplay
This one is a dead heat and probably the closest race of the night. Best picture winners are always going to be favorites in the category but Woody Allen hasn't made a best picture nominations for a long time and they make want to reward him. Right now I'm predicting The Artist but I'm bound to switch this one.

Best Visual Effects
I would disappointed if Hugo won this but it is very close right. The Oscars like to award best picture nominees in this category and are very afraid of motion capture. Rise of the Planet of the Apes has amazing special effect , a box office hit and an incredible lead performance to boot. I'm currently against the curve predicting Hugo again that's bound to change.

Best Documentary
This one is hard to call unlike last year considering that the academy snubbed any real favorite here. It's a dead heat between Pina,Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory and Undefeated. Of course you can never count out the Weinstons, Pina has commercial appeal and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory appears to be what most people/sites are predicting . Currently I'm predicting Pina but that's subject to change.

The Shorts
Don't even get me started in this category. Considering I haven't seen any of these films and don't know how to see the films(please comment if you do)this is incredibly hard to predict. It doesn't help the academy takes these categories very seriously. Currently I'm predicting Time Freak, The Flying Books and Cherry Blossom but that could change as well.

Costume Design
This is a category that fourth nominees all could easily in the category can win. The Artist very  slimy has the lead but the academy loves to give the costume to very old period pieces Anonymous and Jane Erye could take it because of that reason. Hugo could benefit from having fantasy and period Costumes and a abundance of nominations. I still believe The Artist could win but that's subject to change.

What Categories give you a headache? What predictions do you think you will change repeatedly or at the last minute?

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