Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DGA nomitations

Although it was only five nominations the Director guild of America completely  shook up the best director and best picture race leaving some people absolutely furious, some people incredibly furious and an award season that just keeps people guessing..

Steven Spielberg- This of course is the obvious one but with Steven Spielberg almost on every list as a lock for a DGA nod and best director nod this is a shock. I think that the chance of war horse winning best picture is almost dead and gone at this point. Only three films have won best picture after not being nominated and two of those films was when there wasn't any nominees for the Director of Guild of America. The same is true for best director. However in the case of best picture and director I still think that a nominations are still possible but nothing is certain know.

Terrance Malick-Although this wasn't as much of a shock but if you were to predict the wildcard in this race he certainly would be it. Say what you want about Tree of Life but it is a very well directed piece. But again this could be the kiss of death for him.

Tate Taylor-This again isn't too much of a shock but the help at this point is almost a lock and since the DGA's are so closely interwoven with best picture nominating him would seem like a logical step. However he is very new to directing and the performances is what made the help certainly not the direction.

Surprise Inclusions
David Fincher-The guilds have brought David Fincher and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo back to life. This may have been an act of sympathy because of denying him the win last year for best director(which he deserved.) But certainly David Fincher r is in the running for best director and so is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for best picture. However I hate to say but David Fincher needs one more nomination or award to make me believe in the run for Best Director.

Woodly Allen-Besides the Golden Globes Woodly Allen hasn't received a lot of buzz for best director and sure Midnight in Paris probably will be nominated but it isn't making a lot of waves. It may even be losing traction but this has at the very least brought it back to life and raised it up.

War horse charge toward best picture(if there ever was one) has been stopped in it's tracks films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Midnight in Paris are on the rise. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

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