Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Artist Review

The Artist is an incredible achievement. Almost everything about this film is amazing the cinematography,writing,score, performances and direction. No it isn't a perfect movie but it is so incredibly enjoyable that it's my favorite film of the year (so far). 

The Good:Almost everything. The Score I know this sound pretentious but it was a character in the film. Jean Duraji and Bernence Bejo give great performances conveying emotion without really saying a word there are both locks for best actor and supporting actress(kinda of)although the dog really steals the show he was awesome. The cinematography was great although not as jaw dropping as Hugo it has really great shots. The direction was near flawless capturing the era of silent films there is several scenes that blew me away in particular dream sequence that was amazing. The writing moved the plot along quick enough and was funny and joyful. But the best thing about The Artist that the silent film part of it isn't a gimmic it's amazing thought through and detailed.

The Bad:If I can say anything bad it was that in the beginning it feels a bit disjointed. The story is a bit familiar. And there is one scene near the end I don't think the film had to do. It may lose a bit of it's joyfulness in the third act but there's still plenty to admire.

Oscar Chances: This film could easily sweep the Oscar it probably won't but this is everything the academy loves. It's a silent film,it's a period piece,well acted and directed. It's definitively in the lead for best picture and could easily win.


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