Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BAFTA Nomitations

I said it once I'll say it again when it comes to best picture the artist is unstoppable. However the nomination weren't just about The Artist there was also a good showing from Tinker Tailor Solider Spy ,Drive and Hugo. With a couple of surprises snubs as well. Although these nominations probably won't have any effect(the Oscar ballets are already mailed) on the nomination's but could be a sign of what the academy is thinking.

Surprise Inclusion
Berence Bejo Best Actress -This a weird inclusion considering that she is a supporting actress. I don't think that this will affect the best supporting actress race though.

Drive Best Picture:Drive is a very European film and I kinda of forget that(also forget Britain is in Europe) that and I shouldn't be surprised that it's nominated but BAFTA best film.  But Drive has not been rewarded a lot through award season. Best film nominees for BAFTA tend to get nominated although this won't be a push for Drive it cuold be a sign that the academy is ready to reward drive?

Carey Mulligan Best Supporting Actress: This is a weird inclusion again considering it seemed that she would be more popular for Shame and her role in Drive really didn't give her much to do. I think she had less than 20 lines of dialogue.

Surprise Snubs

Shailene Woodly Best Supporting Actress: Being snubbed from both the Sag's and BAFTA this could be a sign of a possible Oscar snub. However there wasn't another actress in the race put in instead of her (Judi Dench really). And I would doubt she would be snubbed from the Oscar.

Albert Brooks Best supporting Actor: In this case I seriously doubt an Oscar Snub but the race is over at this point Christoper Plummer will win period and Alberta brooks doesn't have the Sag or the BAFTA's to turn the tide in his favor. (personal opinion Albert Brooks really wasn't in the movie for that long to make a lasting impression)

Hugo Best Film: Hugo is definitely a contender in the Oscar race for best picture and a best director nomination is usually followed by best picture nomination. 

What it Means
There is nothing really slowing down the Artist at point. However Tinker,Tailor,Solider Spy getting such a good showing could mean several nominations at the Oscars however if this had come out before Oscar ballots were mailed then I could maybe say yes but it has been ignore all year although best film nominees are usually nominated and I think this could be the exception but I could be wrong. On the opposite end I think Drive have a great chance at slipping into the final Best picture slot. Harry Potter chances at a best film nominations are dead at this point because the BAFTA nomination's was really the only chance  for a best picture nominations and the spot that it could possibility could get will probably be filled by either Drive or Tree of Life.

Quick note: Sorry for getting this out late but it's been a really busy week for me. (Exams)

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