Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes due to the fact of them being so desperate to have thier cake and eat it too didn't really offer much answers in the movie department. But it was still entertaining,offered suprises and was able to confirm some of the favourites in the acting category.

Midnight in Paris Best Screenplay:The Artist and The Descendants were the favouites in this category. Although I don't think this will be a turning point in the race. This paried with the critic choice award could lead to The Artist to lose to Midnight in Paris in this category.

Meryl Streep Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama-Viola Davis was the favorite here and probably still is the favorite considering the golden globes give Meryl Streep a golden globe every chance they get. But  the best actress in my humble opnion has never been closer with all three ladies including Michelle Willams(although that wasn't a suprise having a chance at the Oscar.

Martin Scorsese Best Director-This wasn't too much of a shock considering that The Artist wasn't well known enough to capture this award. However it's very nice to see Scorsese win and secure his spot as the possible upset to Micheal Hazanvicius. But to win Best Director he needs the DGA to win.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

What it Means
The Artist once again takes the most awards and is almost unstopabble for best picture. However the best director is up for grabs with Micheal Hazanvicius the favourite by the skin of his teeth. The Best Actress really heats up and Michelle Williams,Meryl Streep and Viola Davis without almost no clear favorite now. Although Best Actor race wasn't as close as I previously thought George Clooney is winning every best actor in sight (except the New York Film Critics) and I don't want to keep on talking about how Brad Pitt could win over and over this blog isn't going to continue to ramble on about who could win George Clooney will win the Oscar.(although I know if I tempt fate it will kick me in the ball)  most supporting races seem clear cut Christoper Plummer and Octavia Spencer. And the Screenplay awards are very close. With most of the other award given out of the Golden globesnot meaning much.(masterpiece as best orignal song seriously)

With the academy award nominations in less than two weeks the races seem to be more and more clear cut. The Artist will win Best picture unless some drastic event. George Clooney will win best actor,best supporting actor will go to Christoper Plummer Best supporting actress will go to Octavia Spencer and most of the smaller categories are done two. Only a few close races remain although the golden globes didn't effect much it was good to see actor get awards and establish some of the favorites. The SAG's,DGA's PGA's and Academy Award Nominations are close at hand and will really effect the races.(again fate please don't kick me in the balls again)

Next Post: BAFTA Nominations

Quick Note:There has been some confusion as I posted in between the next post(just kidding no comments on this blog) but I though I clear it up anyways in case you were confused. Next post means the next award show I'll be writing about I could post reviews,analysis or predictions in between.

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