Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SAG nominations

The Sag nominations were all over the place and yield some odd nominations and snubs.  First with Best Actor.  Demian Bichir was an inclusion that felt odd but definitely could propel him into the race if the advertiers him him out a lot more. Gary Oldmen and Micheal Fassbender had thier momentum stalled but could gain it again with the golden globe nominations. Best Actress had no surprises and went with Tilda Swinton in the fifth spot. She has been propelled into the race since the NBR and it seems on her way to a Oscar nod although Rooney Mara, Elizabeth Olsen and Charlize Theron are possible spoilers for her. Best supporting actor is where the SAG went a bit crazy although I'm not shocked at the inclusion of Max von Sype(Extremely loud and incredibly close was a last minute entry). I'm was left starching my head at the inclusion of Armie Hammer. As much adverting as that film is getting and trust me it's getting a loud I didn't hear a word about Armie Hammer.  The dis inclusion of Albert brooks was a huge surprise. I don't think this alone could prevent Alberta brooks from getting a nod but  it. Nick Nolte and Jonah Hill are potential nominees but need at least a golden globe nominations to have a chance. Same with Patton Oswalt. Best supporting again was a bit off missing Shailene Woodly. Janet McTeer I doubt will get any attention from Albert Noobs considering any advertising for that film will go toward Gleen Close. Also Melissa McCarthy getting nominated is great for her making a oscar nod getting closer and closer I think it`s even possible that she might be in the fourth spot at this point (she recently eon at the Las Vegas Film Awards as well) depending on if the golden globes follow suit. Best ensemble Choices didn't yield any surprises. Besides maybe midnight in paris considering the chances for any acting  nods for midnight in paris are low. A case could be made for the Actor that plays Ernest Hemingway but he doesn't have a chance.

Conclusion: I don`t know what to make of this some of the predictions were out of left field but the Sag are usually a good indicator of the Oscars acting categories only three actors last year who didn`t get nominated for a SAG got a nomination. But with some really weird picks especially in the supporting category this could definitely change.

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