Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Critic Choice Award Nominations

Hugo and The Artist lead with lead with 12 nominations each. Both serious helping their pushes for best picture. Best Picture contained no surprises besides maybe leaving out Tinker,Tailor,Solider,Spy and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.  Best Director was missing The Descendants, The Tree of life being omitted was a surprise making me think that it's possible that Drive could be a stealth candidate considering how much of a art film Drive is. Best actor was laded out completely with no surprises although I wish there was five nominees so we could get a sense of the odd one out of the best actor circle.Best Actress was shockingly missing Gleen Close for Albert Noobs. She is considered a shoe in but poor reviews for Albert Noobs may hurt here chances. The SAG's will really show where things are going. Best supporting actress didn't contain Vanessa Redgrave and Melissa McCarthy instead who at this point is gaining so much momentum that a Oscar Nomination is becoming more a more of a possibility. Best supporting actor contained Andy Serkis I personally loved his performace but sadly he won't get a nominations unless the Sag's and Golden Globes decide to really reward him but the Sag are too formal and the Golden Globes are too much about star power for that to happen. Also Max Von Sype was missing was  shock considering the amount of buzz he has been reciveing but he needs more buzz at this point.  Best adapted screenplay yield no surprises but weird considering it had 5 and original had 6 nominations. Martha Marcy May Marlene was a surprise but there wasn't really anything to take it's place. Best animated feature left out Rio making me think that the animated category will either shut out 2 of the three Rio,Winnie the Pooh or Kung Fu Panda 2. Best Comedy is really almost a portrait of the golden globes will nominate except maybe my week with Marilyn in favor of horrible bosses. The Race is heating up people are gaining and losing momentum and the Golden Globes and Sag nominations will really shed some light on award season.

Next Post: SAG nominations.

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