Thursday, December 15, 2011

Golden Globe Nominations

For once the golden globes didn't completely upset me. Sure there was snubs and inclusion that puzzled me but there wasn't any bombs on this list like last year. (I'm looking at you The Tourist) but this time the picks were on place with a few oddities. First with Best Motion Picture-Drama Every sorry for predicting five and not six but I thought there was only five. Ideas of March has been brought back from the dead. Although it`s gonna need major adverting to have a chance. But all the major award seasons nominations are over so I would say although The Ideas of March is being put onto the minds of the academy voters I would doubt it will be nominated but who knows. Best actress the fifth spot going to Rooney Mara (don`t forget though Michelle Williams isn't in the mix).As I've already said the favorite for the fifth spot is Tilda with possible spoilers from Charlize Theron and Rooney Mara. Bst supporting actor had some abnormal I wasn't too shocked by the inclusion of Jonah Hill considering his Sag Also How Jessica  nomination but Viggo Mortensen was completly out of the    blue considering he hasn't even been nomitated for any and I've looked around trust me Max von Sype is close to getting the kiss of death with no award shows nominating him  or any award shows left between now and the time the oscar nominations ballots are mailed, advertising for him and a late release he almost dead in the water something will have to bring him back to life and I don,t know what it will be. Best supporting actress didn't yield any shockers but it was disappointing not to see McCarthy int eh nomitations after gaining so much support it seems that her mometum has stalled and a oscar nod can really come down to how the academy feels. Also it seems that Jessica Chastain is going to award season with her performace it in the help instead of a tree of life. Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical decided to go with 50/50 instead of The Muppet's which for me was kinda annoying but I could deal with. But excluding The Muppet's from Best Song was by far the worst decision that Golden Globes made this year. Argue with me in the comments if you want but I have listened to Life's a Happy Song like 10 times and that not even including Man or Muppet and Pictures in My Head.Hopefully the academy recognizes these or I will be extremely upset. The Comedy section besides best motion picture doesn't matter doesn't matter sure Michelle Willams and Charlize Theron got nominations but no else will have a chance. Best Actor interestingly choose Brendan Gleeson from the Guard who was nominated at the Satellite Awards a few weeks back so I kinda of had him on my radar. No surprises besides him there. Best Director besides George Clooney no surprises it`s nice to see Woodly Allen although it's may release will hurt it. Best Foreign Language lays out the favorites besides In the land of Blood and Honey which was just nominated so they could get Angeline Jolie to the Golden Globes. A separation is the favorite at this point. Best animated film didn't yield no much suprises and even Cars 2 wasn't a shock Pixar is a marketing machine with lots of friendships they won't win this and I happy to say that but they might get nomitated.

Conclusion:The Golden Globes were finally on point this and besides the fact they seemed to really love The Ideas of March,The exclusion of the muppets,Extremly loud and incredibly close althogether and some wierd picks it was nice to see the golde globes seem like a real award show. This is the last maor award show and it`s make or break time for some at this point for some movies and award season.(sorry this went up so late I was sick)

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