Thursday, December 1, 2011

National Board of Review

 The NBR is a chance for a film to make a statement to prove that they are in it to win it I don't think that happen here The Artist and The Descendants didn't get to make that statement and were left to thier struggles against each other and Hugo was quickly propelled  right into the race. But anyways So onto the categories that will affect award season. First Breakthrough performance as I say when the Independent spirit award nominations were handed out that thing could change in a hurry so once again I won't comment on how this affect her best actress chances but it's nice to see and also from Rooney Mara. I won't consider Rooney Mara a total breakout performance considering she has been a couple of well known films  such as The Social Network but it's a good reminder that she's still in the hunt for best actress. Next the supporting categories didn't offered a lot of surprises Christopher Plummer is the obvious choice as it looks to be shaping up to a race between him and Albert brooks for best supporting and Shailene Woodly winning puts her in a fight between Olivia Spencer for Best supporting actress both close races . With Best adapted screenplay and original screenplay offered surprises because I excepted the Artist and Moneyball to win although I believe that both films are still the favorites. Next onto to animated with  Cars two being received as mediocre and in this writers opinion an excuse simply to make toys the animation field is wide open. However it seems that it coming down too Rango and Tin tin with an outside shot of Arthur Christmas. It will really come down to box office  but right now Rango definitely is the favorite at this point but who knows I think the gold globes will really put things into perspective. Best ensemble I really didn't notice. Best Actor going to George clooney was really nice to see he's been kinda forgotten in the last few weeks and it's good to see him getting recognized . Best Actress going to Tilda Swinton was probably more an attempt to get her into the race than really about best performance itself but personally We need to talk about kevin isn't talked about enough for her to have a chance and there is simply to good of competion this year, Now onto The top ten Films. These Choices seemed kinda random to me but it was good to Harry potter and the girl with the dragon in the mix but J.Edgar was not a good choice. Finally Best feature and Director. Wow that was a surprise it seems normal for the NBR to take certain unknown Actor or actress and give them awards I never thought that they would be gutsy enough to give Best feature and Best Director to something other than The Artist and the Descendants and I'm really happy that they did. For once I believe that an award did what they wanted to do and not what the public wanted them to do. But Hugo is definitely a contender for a best picture nomination and although it may need more support form the Golden globes,PDA or DGA to truly challenge the Artist and The Descendants a dark horse has been born.

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  1. Hey you have the same username as me and also you proably wrong about the tree of life being nominated but hey who knows.