Monday, December 5, 2011

Satellite Award Nominations

I'm sorry I'm very late with this post to be completely honest I didn't know a lot about the satellite awards but I'll try my best. Also I'm sorry for any T.v fans but I simply don't care I'll tune into the Emmy but I really don't care that much. Now onto the categories that matter. Best Animated feature  and mixed media no surprises except wait mixed media never heard of that before but no surprises.   First Best supporting actor I'll admit that the technique of  having ten performances is unique the problem it really hard to find distinct between the actors, besides the nomination of Hugo Weaving,Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen which all seemed really random for different reasons that won't get into where was Patton Oswalt I was pretty certainly after great early reviews for him and maybe a good push from the studio he could have a chance for best supporting but who knows at this point.  He'll get a supporting nod from the golden globes for sure but may need more. Now onto to Best supporting actress what the heck missing Shailene Woodly,Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in of favor of Judy Greer and Kate Winslet. I would be really upset if I thought this would have an impact on the race but it won't. Best Actor No surprises I guess this puts a better life best actor chances to bed in favor of the guard which I have no idea about and probably never will. Best Actress again no really surprises I'm not pertinently aware of the people in the number 10 and 9 spot so Vera Farmiga, Emily Waston and Olivia Colman shouldn't be surprises but where is Twinda Swinton and Felicty Jones seriously the Satellite Awards are slowly losing respect from me. Finally best director and best picture. Same picks except for the Guard what the heck is the guard it was a very well constructed list  that kinda makes up for shoty picks in the acting category with little fat to trim I was bit disappointed not to see The Girl with the Dragon Tatto but with a great list I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.Again sorry for the short post but I don't know a lot about the satellite award  I don't want to spew out crap.

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