Tuesday, November 29, 2011


WEll I dont think that the NYFCC had too many surprises. Personally I think that the NYFCC dont really effect award season which is fine. You don't have to an effect on the award season just make the right choice and people will respect you. But   it seems like it`s catering to the public in all it`s choices could The Artist be the right choice maybe but could we wait a bit first and make sure is it. But Anyways as I`ve said not too many surprises. All the NYFCC does is show what the favorites are we knew the Artist was the favorite for Best picture and director we knew that Meryl Streep was the favorite  for Best Actress and besides random choices for Best Actor and Best supporting actress I don`t really know how to calculate these acting choices because it's hard to account for more than one performance  if those performances  will split the vote or  if two great performances are equal too one incredible performance so I`ll ignore Best Actor and Best supporting Actress. Besides Best screenplay going to Moneyball which is somewhat surprising and Alberta Brooks winning best supporting actor( which I think is more for Alberta brooks that the actual award in general) There isn't a lot to talk about . I don't want to keep looking at every single award and nomination given out and tell you that the tide may be turning in Alberta Brooks or the Artist favor I will tell you when the tide is turning.

Next Post: National Board of Review.

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