Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dark Horse Best Actor Nominees

ralIt seems that everybody has there own opinion on what was the best performance. And everybody is ready share about what performance they think is the best. The Best Actor and Best Actress categories are very laided out this year with few spoilers so I`ll try and lay them out.

Best Actor
Gary Oldmen-It`s kinda of sad that I`m putting him into the dark horse category but after the SAG's and Golden Globes I would say I have to. Gary Oldmen has been receiving great reviews, and has been getting nominated and winning awards and it doesn't hurt that Tinker,Tailor,Solider, Spy can be a stealth candidate for Best Picture.

Ryan Gosling-Although he was very good in Drive if Ryan Gosling has a chance then it would be with the Ideas of March. Ryan Gosling was praised for the film but was ultimately forgetten however the golden globes has reived him and now he is fresh in the academy minds.

Brandan Gleeson-He has been getting great reviews and nomitated in several award shows. The people that love this performance love this performance. Like Gosling he was nominated in the Golden Globes fresh in the academy minds.

Micheal Shannon-Micheal Shannon like everybody on this list recived great reviews. He was heavily nomitated and winning in Indi award shows and has received an aggresive adversting campain.(I know none of you know what that means but when you go on Oscar sites you'll know what I mean.)

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