Thursday, December 22, 2011

Award Show Wrap up.

There was a lot of awards show so instead of trying to have long serious analysis of all of them I'll try quickly wrap them up. The Satellite Film Award announced their winners and gave best picture to the Descendants. The Descendants really needs this  boast as I feel even though it has been receiving wins and nominations that it's losing traction and slowly falling behind War Horse and Hugo. They were big on Drive so it was no shock when they gave best actor,best director and best supporting actor to drive. Drive is slowly inching closer to a best picture nomination and needs one final boast to push it toward a nominations but even then it's not a guarantee. In other categories they were surprisingly short on the Artist and make some odd choices in the technical and musical categories. The SouthEastern Film Critics Association Award came out and thier top then list added Win Win and Left off The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Tinker,Tailor Solider,Spy. Best Actor when to George Clooney with Micheal Fassbender as a runner up. If Micheal Fassbender film wasn't NC-17 I would say that he was a lock. Best Actress didn't yield a surprise except maybe Tilda swinton as the runner up. Best supporting actress really shows that Janet McTeer has really rose up in the best supporting race. Even though Shailene Woodly was the runner up. In the supporting actress race Either Janet Mcteer,Shailene Woodly or Melisssa McCarthy will be left out in the cold with Vanessa Redgrave. Supporting actor really shows that is going to break down and best director to hugo is really good for that film . Again for Hugo to take a shot at best picture it needs to win Major award like the globes or guilds. Both Screenplays categories are really down to two screenplays and a Sepration is almost a lock for best forgien film at this point. Best cinematgraphy will really come down to if the academy views 3D as a film tool and not  gimmickry. Finally there was the Utah Film Awards again another award show big on Drive. They were also big on the artist giving in the runner up in best picture,actor and gving it the best director prize. Picking Joseph Gordan-levitt as best actor is good for joesph gordan but it's not his time yet. I think he will have a shot at a oscar next year for Lincoln. Best Ornignal screeenplay for Win Win may help it chances for a b est screen nod. The Muppets runner up award kinda came out of nowhere. Again A separation not winning best forgien film at this point would be asboulty shocking.

Conclusion: All these award shows are kinda minor and will rarely have an affect on award show but if you haven't gotten the vibe that it's between The Decendants,Hugoand The Artist then your insane. Plus Drive is slowly building up iimpressive creditanes but will it be enough.

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