Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

I promise I would be shorter this time so I'll try and be quicker. First with Best Documentary the nominations went to a different set of documentaries that I thought. Right now I have no idea and I take back my statement about Better this World. This race is wide open at this point and impossible to call so I won't go into detail. Next for both  the supporting categories it seemed as if the Spirit Awards picked two of the obvious choices with Alberta Brooks for Drive, Christoper Plummer for Drive, Shailene Woodly for the Descendants and Jessica Chastain for The Tree of Life and then with both categories went completely off the record. Personally I don't care because it is the Spirit awards and the nominees should be people or performances I don't have a clue about. However I'm pretty shocked not to see Berenice Bejo in this category I wonder if this will hurt her Oscar chances as it seems that all the buzz is going to Jean Dujardin and she could be just swept under the rug and forgotten. Moving onto to best female lead again few recognizable performances besides Elizabeth Olsen and Michelle Williams but where was Felicity Jones. Man the tide in the Oscar season can switch so quickly that I don't want to make any assumptions but who knows what gonna happen at this point between Elizabeth Olsen and Felicity Jones ? Best Actor  I wasn't  shocked by the inclusion of the Demain Bichir and Ryan Gosling but the obvious here being that George Clooney was completely subbed from this. Again could this effect the Descendants Best Actor chances. But also again probably not keep it mind the favorite from last year who had the award locked up since December Colin Firth wasn't nominated and neither was Daniel day Lewis in 2007. The Spirit Awards like to give this award to an actor that really need a boast in their careers and quite obviously George Clooney doesn't need a boast in his career . However it could be the sign of a possible turn against George Clooney in The Descendants . Finally the best director and Best Feature Category no surprises at all for once besides maybe Like Crazy being left in the cold but even that isn't too much of a shock. Maybe 50/50 can reenter the Oscar race but the noninclusive from Best Director really an't going to help it chances. But  Drive, Take Shelter and The Beginners are definitely going to give a best picture nomination a shot.  With The Artist and Descendants shaping up to be major Oscar contenders.

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