Monday, November 28, 2011

The Gotham Awards

Well award season begins today. With so many award show fighting for the right to actually claim that role  (the show that kicks off award season ) leading to stupid decisions such as the NYFCC now willing to push back there voting date. In reality it doesn't even matter. I'll just say that Gotham Awards claim that role, although there are a lot of awards coming up. Now I'll start the   The big categories that will have an effect on the award season are Best Feature,Best Breakthrough Actor,Best Ensemble Performance and Best Documentary. I start with Best Documentary Better this world won  making it a lock for best documentary at the Oscars and the favorite  for best documentary so far . I'm not invested in this category so I'll not going into detail on this. Next is Best Ensemble performance taken by Beginners. This was definitely a shock to me as I was almost sure that Margin Call was going to win this category. But I guess it was really Beginners night. Breakthrough actor is actually very important as it seems that every year the Oscars feel the need to put in one unknown actress into the best actress category. Strangely enough they don't do it with the Best Actor category though. But At this point Elizabeth Olsen and Felicty Jones are fighting for that   spot. Elizabeth Olsen was the favorite as it seemed Felicty Jones was starting to become forgotten  but Felicity Jones taking this award could turn the tide back in her favor and go a long way and possibility lead to a Oscar nomination. Only Time will tell as the Golden Globes or SAG could possibility turn the tide back in Elizabeth Olsen favor or possibility the final spot could be taken by someone else . Now finally onto Best feature. First can I have a grip a tie in an award show is ridiculous an Award show job is too decide a winner I don't care if it difficult and I don't care if both films deserved it choose one THAT YOUR JOB . But anyways a tie between The Tree of Life and Beginners reveals some things . First The Tree of Life is a lock for Best picture at this point and almost a lock for Best Director as well but I'll wait to see the Golden globes and Director Guild first. It also revealed  that The Beginners could be a stealth candidate in the Best picture race.  but it would need a big release and to get a lot of support at other awards shows to have a chance  but again time will tell. Finally Martha Marcy May Marlene Best picture nomination's chances at this point are dead and just as I got used to writing that title. It needed at least two  of those awards  to have a chance but this point the best they can hope for is a Best Actress nomination and some obscure award no one cares about. And finally and possibility the biggest question mark could losing in Best feature possibility hurt the Best picture chances of the Descendants . Probably not considering The Descendants is not the time of film the Gotham usually recognizes or a independent film in general. But it could be the trigger that could lead to the tide being turned it's happen . Again probably not but good to keep a look out.

Next Post(Shorter I promise): The Independent Spirit Award nominations.

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