Sunday, February 5, 2012

Screenplay Races

Adapted Screenplay
Who Will Win: The Descendants winning best adapted screenplay is getting closer and closer to a lock. The Descendants isn't going to walk empty handed since best picture and best director are getting less and less likely with each passing award show and even best actor being in doubt best adapted screenplay seems like the perfect way to reward the film. Also it has won many critic award.

Who Could Win/Who Should Win: Moneyball manages to make baseball funny and exciting at the same time. However Aron Sorkin and Steve Zaillian have both won before and Moneyball isn't as much of a player in the best picture race.

Winner: The Descendants

Original Screenplay
Who Will Win/Who Should Win:Midnight in Paris I originally thought this race was going to go The Artist but after wining best screenplay at the golden globes everything turned around. Woody Allen is definitely the favorite now. It doesn't hurt that Midnight in Paris is consider one of the best Woody Allen films in many years.

Who Could Win: I don't want to have to put The Artist in every could win category because of it's best picture category but this one is definitely fits the bill original screenplay tend to go the best picture winner but the academy also tends to give best original screenplay to a Dialogue centered film though and quite obviously The Artist isn't that.

Winner:Midnight in Paris

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