Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Editing and Cinematography Race.

Best Editing
Who Will Win- Although this category isn't a lock for a best picture( over the past ten years a best picture has won 5 times) I still believe this category will go to the Artist. A best picture is always a default in this category and for the default to lose another film editing needs to stand out., Although I believe Moneyball editing stood out it doesn't have a realistic chance. Hugo the Artist biggest competition editing really didn't stand out enough to win.

Who Could Win: Hugo editing although never standing out actually included several scenes of how editing is done also it's amazing use of 3-D could help it in this race. However the use of 3-D could be honored in the cinematography race instead. 

Winner: The Artist

Best Cinematography
Who Will Win: Hugo use of 3-D and filming of the filming of silent films should be enough to give this film best cinematography.  Although it sometimes seems that the academy loves to give best cinematography to a films with lots of big expansion outdoor shots.  However War horse and tree of life could split that vote. Also last year going to inception proved the academy can give it to indoor more subtle cinematography.

Who Could Win: It's hard to pin point a favorite to upset Hugo here because I believe that War horse and the Tree of Life has an equal chance at upsetting Hugo and there always a possibility of an Artist sweep. But I have to go with the Tree of Life for the sole reason. that The tree of life is loved by a lot of people enough people to give it a best picture nominations. If those members of  academy feels that it is that good of a film it seems this would be the category to award it in without giving it best picture.

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