Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Director Nominations Predictions

Lets start with the locks first Micheal Hazanavicius, Martin Scorsese and Alexander Payne are locks for director. I would say that Woodly Allen is almost guaranteed but could lose if the academy decides to nominate based on the movie popularity like Tate Taylor or Bennet Miller but thanks to a DGA nomination I think that would be unlikely. Now onto the final spot the final is coming down to Terrance Malick,David Fincher and Steven Spielberg . First I cannot put Steven Spielbreg in this spot because of the sinking ship called War Horse. War Horse has received mixed reviews from critics a DGA snub and is quite simply is just losing traction. A best director could happen but is seeming more and more unlikely. The Major race between David Fincher and Terrance Malick and I'll have to give my edge to Terrance Malick for the sole reason that almost every year the DGA seems to nominate one director who  doesn't make the cut. This year  I think that director will be David Fincher just because The Girl with the dragon tattoo hasn't received enough buzz and this nomination seems like a apology for not giving him the win last year.Tree of Life likely won't received a best picture nomination so his could be a way to reward the film.

1.Micheal Hazanavicius
2.Martin Scorsese 
3.Alexander Payne
4.Woodly Allen
5.Terrence Malick

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