Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Safe Pick: Best Picture

When you decided to award the best film of the year your always open yourself up to criticism. That's why I'm not as hard on the academy as other people. Say if I was more popular and I awarded best picture of the year. If I awarded Tree of Life or Drive(which I wouldn't have) people would have been writing in the comment section that those films were art house crap. If I had awarded the Help or War Horse( which I wouldn't have) people would have been writing that those films were just mediocre. If I awarded Hugo people could be writing hard to  that Hugo was not a great Martin Scorsese film and I was a Martin Scorsese fan boy. I could go on but if I award The Artist it's hard to criticize no one besides hardcore silent film fan boys would be upset it would be the safe pick and it seems what the academy will pick this year. It's not a bad choice it's not a choice I hate there would be so many better choices. Hugo,Harry Potter yes and even Drive would be films that people would look back and be smarter choices. But the academy is confident to make the safe choice so it time to look back at when the academy should have made a bolder untimely smarter choice. (to be very clear I don't dislike any of these films they weren't even bad choices except Crash and The King Speech just there could have been smarter choices)

Slumdog Millionaire- Slumdog was the underdog that went all the way  to top sweeping the Oscars but was that the sole reason that it won. I felt that the academy want to try and remain important to the fan boy after the terrible snub of the Dark Knight(which they spent the last 3 years trying to fix) and to a much lesser extent Wall-E.  Choosing the Dark Knight would have given the Oscars much more important o a younger hipper generation that quite frankly has given up on the Oscars. It's  terrifying to nominate let allow give best picture a comic book film that would scare the older generation and they were content to hand it to Slumdog Millionaire.

The Bolder/Smarter Choice: The Dark Knight

The Hurt Locker- Frankly I was happy when this film won mainly because Avatar didn't but this shouldn't have won even though James Cameron should have won best director)  The Hurt Locker was a suspenseful unflinching character study but it never wowed me,  never blew me away. Although handing best picture to an animated kids film being bold sounds ridiculous  it would have been the smarter/bolder choice. It would have brought new life to animated films satisfied  the  public and brought more of a general audience to the Oscars . The most important it would have been deserved Pixar films were always in the top 5  but finally Up was good enough to be the top film. This really showed how the animated film category really screwed over Pixar as the academy figured if a film won best animated there was no point to hand it best film.

The Bolder/Smarter Choice: Up

King Speech- This was the time when he academy really proved that they were able to go with the safe pick over the right one. It fit the bill of a perfect academy film when the academy felt as if they were losing touch with there roots .In reality The Social Network,Inception,True Grit,127 Hours,Black Swan all would have been smarter and bolder choices.  I'm going to have to center on the Social Network this one is more the smarter than bold but who cares The Social Network was the best film of the year and it deserved it period. However if the academy wanted to be really bold Black Swan would have really showed that they were unafraid of R ratings, pure art films and horror films( Black Swan was horror film as well as a an art film)

The Smarter Choice: The Social 

The Bolder Choice: Black Swan.

Crash(Honorable  mention)- Well I can`t really say this wasn`t bold because it was just for all the wrong reasons. However Brokeback mountain should won this and wouldn`t have pissed off so many people brought the rage of the internet don`t upon and sent a boatload of people running from the Oscars.

The Smarter Choice: Brokeback Mountain 

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