Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2013

I'm unsure if the Oscars are going to continue with the 5% rule or go back to 10 or 5 nominees so I'll write in 10.(they should go back to 10 or 5)
Best Picture
The Surrogate(PREDICTED WINNER)-Although a lot of people are predicting Lincoln,The Great Gatsby or The Master I'm going to go with The Surrogate. Although films that could out of Sundance usually don't do as well as films out of Cannes. The Surrogate looks like a personal well acted,well directed film that the academy can get behind. The Academy loves to award an underdog. 

 Django Unchained- Quentin Tarantino is back with a western that hopefully will fit his style and be a great follow up to Inglorious Bastards

The Master-After There Will be Blood anything that Paul Thomas Anderson touches will turn to gold and with three strong(maybe two) actors at it's helm this film looks like a solid best picture contender and possibility a winner.

 Lincoln- After the somewhat disappointment of War Horse Steven Spielberg is back with Lincoln a film that if done right could sweep the Oscars and if done wrong could fall somewhere critically between War Horse and The Iron Lady. I don't feel as strongly about Lincoln as I previously did mostly because of War Horse winning no Oscars and my disliking of War Horse but that could easily change.

The Dark Knight Rises-The academy usually likes to one or two summer blockbusters and if Dark Knight Rises is good and there is more than 5 nominees(the 5% rule could hurt if if it remains) then it will get nominated. To quote another award site if your not going to nominate really good summer blockbuster then just go back to 5 nominees.

Brave-If Brave is a return to form for Pixar then this is almost a lock. If Brave is jut simply good and not great then a best picture would seem out of the question but all signs are pointing to a nomination at this point.

Gravity-Coming off of Children of Men Alfonso Cuaron proved that he knows how to do really good science fiction. With Sandra Bullock coming off an Oscar and a terrific turn in Extremely Loud and Close and George Clooney coming off a runner up best actor run this could be an amazing science fiction film.

Life of Pi- With great source material,a great director and a child actor at it`s helm this film could be sentimental story that gets to academy voters and gets a nomination.

The Great Gatsby: The Academy may feel the need to reward a historical costume piece with great acting, costumes from great source material. I'm worried about the direction in this but the film can mantain to be good. It is a film that actors and old members of the academy can get behind.

Argo- After The Town and Gone Baby Gone Ben Affleck has proved himself as a great director and will be able to turn Argo in a very suspenseful and entertaining film.

Best Director
1.Ben Lewin" The Surrogate"
2.Paul Thomas Anderson"The Master"
3Quentin Tarantino" Django Unchained"
4.Steven Spielberg"Lincoln"
5. Christopher Nolan"The Dark Knight Rises"

Best Actor
1.John Hawkes "The Surrogate"
2.Daniel Day Lewis "Lincoln"
3.Philip Seymour Hoffman "The Master"
4.Brad Pitt "Cogan's Trade"
5.Ryan Gosling "Only God Forgives"

Best Actress
1.Carey Mulligan" The Great Gatsby"
2.Helen Hunt"The Surrogate"
3.Keira Knightly "Anna Karenina"
4.Marion Cotilard "Lowlife"
5.Sandra Bullock "Gravity"

Best Supporting Actor
1.Joesph Gordan Levitt "Lincoln"
2.James Franco"Lovelace"
3. Leonardo DiCaprio " Django Unchained"
4.Joaquin Phoenix "The Master"
5.Micheal Fassbender"Twelve Years as a Slave"

Best Supporting Actress
1.Amy Adams"The Master"
2.Anna Hathway"Les Miserables"
3.Jennifer Lawrence"Silver Linings Playbook"
4.Sally Fields"Lincoln"
5.Suraj Sharma" Life of Pi"

Best Original Screenplay: Django Unchained

Best Adapted Screenplay: Lincoln

Best Original Score: Brave

Best Animated Feature:Brave

Editing:Django Unchained

Best Art Direction: The Great Gatsby

Best Costume Design:The Great Gatsby

Best Makeup-The Hobbit

Best Cinematography: Gravity

Best Sound Mixing: The Dark Knight Rises

Best Sound Editing: The Dark Knight Rises

Best Visual EffectsPrometheus

Well that is it for now currently I'm going to start writing on Movie and Television previews,news and reviewers with some slight award season status. I'll pick back up with full on award season status in late November.

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