Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Forgotten Films

Lets face when a lot of us (I'm assuming people who write blogs and make oscar predictions read this) make Oscar predictions there is a lot of films that seem contenders at the beginning of the year which aren't contenders now. To quote Award Circuit Hindsight a Bitch. But I could talk all day about films that didn't turn out the way they should have turned out. But I'm going to talk about films that deserve to be  recognized  or recognized more.

Warrior-One of the best sport films in recent memory. Transcends all of the cliques of a regular  sports film, creates thrilling fights scenes with great performances all around.

Reason for Downside: It was one of the biggest commercial disappoints of the year making a small 23 million dollars not even enough to production budget. Meaning small amount of money for advertising and a lot of people didn't see it. A lot of people consider a clique sports drama when really it was almost more of a family drama.

Contagion-A thrilling virus drama featuring an all star cast, smart script and stylish direction.

Reason for Downside: An early release date and lack of marketing lead to it's downfall in award season.

Drive: An amazing art house thriller with top notch acting,editing,sound mixing and direction across the board.

Reason for Downside:Another early release date, commercial failure and lack of marketing.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2-An thrilling magical end to one of the most influential franchises of all time. Great acting, special effects,art direction and more.

Reason for Downside: This should have been a slam dunk but I suppose that the academy view Harry potter box office sucess and few nomitations as enough of a reward

Source Code:Yeah I know that nobody is going to be putting this on their snubs list I am t it was definitely in my top 20 if not top 10 films of the year and and deserve to be recognized.

Reason for Downside:Released early in the year and everyone even the studio forgot about it.


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  2. I know Drive wasn't a exactly a 'blockbuster' but a $70 million return from $15 million production costs can't hardly be considered a 'commercial failure'. In my opinion, Drive's downsides for the awards season were the early release date and lack marketing, as well as it being a of darker theme than most Academy members seem to appreciate, much like Fight Club and Zodiac among others. It probably will still become a cult classic though, as it really is an excellent all-round movie.

  3. If you take in account the worldwide gross and minus the cost of distrubting it then wasn't a commerical failure compared to something like Warrior. But I meant more that it was embraced b the masses and became more of a cult film . It was stand the test of time condersing how much Ryan Gosling and Nichloas Refn are rising as stars. Darker films don't tend to as well but I think it was more the style that led to it's downfall.