Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art Direction and Costume Design Race

In honor of The Art Direction Guilds tonight.

Feature Film, Period: Hugo
Feature Film, Contemporary: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Feature Film, Fantasy: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety, or Unscripted Series: Saturday Night Live
Awards, Music, or Game Shows: 83rd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS
Episode of a Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series: Modern Family
One-Hour Single Camera Television Series: Boardwalk Empire
Television Movie or Mini-Series: Mildred Pierce

I like to take a look at the Art direction race and the very very similar Costume design race.

Art Direction.
Who Will Win/Who Should Win: Hugo definitely owns this category. not only is it a period film but it's also a fantasy film at many points at well. Over the past 10 years all the films that have won fantasy or period pieces. The Artist it's biggest competition has unknown art directer the academy rarely hands out this award to an unknown. Hugo is unlikely to win in other categories besides maybe Sound Editing and won't go home empty handed at the Oscars.

Who Could Win: The Artist like  many films Chicago,Return of The King,Shakespeare in Love could win this award based solely on it's best picture status. Also Laurence Bennett or Robert Gould  haven't won before and the academy could decide to give them this award because of that. The Black and white factor could be a wild card.

Costume Design
Who Will Win/Who Should Win: Hugo again has period costumes and fantasy costumes which will probably lead it too victory once again their biggest competition is a unknown costume desginer(see why I put these on the same page) and Hugo won't go home empty handed.

Who Could Win: The Artist I think isn't as big as a threat as in Art Direction here ().  Because it doesn't have the black and white factor here.  But it's best picture status and the sole fact it's desginers haven't won before could carry it through

()*Fate could come and kick me in the balls.

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