Sunday, January 29, 2012

The SAG's

The SAG definitely was interesting this year reopening the best actor race, illuminating the favorite in best actress,putting to bed both of the supporting races.

Jean Dujardin-This has reopened a race that I thought had been over.  This is going to come down to the wire. I still think that George Clooney is the front runner but it definitely is going to be very close race.  I think that this definitely puts Brad Pitt out of the race though.

Viola Davis-Viola Davis is definitely the favorite now this paired with The Help Best Ensemble will win her the Oscar . However Meryl Streep is close behind  and could ride a wave of sympathy to the finish but I think once again she`ll have to settle for second place once again.

Christopher Plummer- This puts the stamp on a race that has been finished for a long. Unless one of the biggest upsets in recent memories occurs Christopher Plummer will win the Oscar. 

Octavia Spencer-This is a bit more wide open it won't take huge upset for Octavia Spencer to lose but it would definitely take a upset for her to lose. Berenice Bejo and Melissa McCarthy are probably her biggest competition but they haven't won anything major. Berenice Bejo could win based solely on The Artist love but that`s unlikely. King Speech Love didn't help Helena Bohem Carter last year.  Melissa McCarthy needed the SAG to have a serious chance at best supporting actress .

The Help Best Ensemble- I think it`s probably more important that The Artist lost this than The Help winning this stopping the sweeping of the Guilds. This is probably the first major non acting award that the Help  showing that The Help does  have a lot of support and showing a small(very very small) chance at best picture. 

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