Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Academy Award Nominations

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Best Picture-After being included in all the major guild including the DGA top five a best picture nominations seemed likely . However no nomination of the Golden globes and a very dark feel  probably was it's downfall.

Albert Brooks Best Supporting Actor-This shouldn't have been as shocking because he wasn't nominated for the SAG and in the film for short amount of time  but after winning several critic award a nominations seemed very likely.  Not to mention that fact that one month ago people were saying it was neck and neck between Christopher Plummer her and Albert Brooks.

Shailene Woodly Best Supporting Actor-Again the a lack of SAG nomination probably led to this. It seemed to be either Melissa McCarthy or her in the final weeks.

Best Song Category-The Living Proof,Lay Your Head Down,Life's a Happy Song ,Hello Hello and Picture in my Head all snubbed.????????. I really don't know how to explain this other than the voting system being flawed.

Micheal Fassbender Best Actor-This is definitely a Shame(get it) Micheal Fassbender deserves to be in this category for the sole reason that he has  been and been really good in so m any films this year. I guess in the end the indi feel and NC-17 rating of Shame was it's downfall.

Leonardo DiCaprio-This one was a bit more obvious poor reviews of J.Edgar and a lack of winning awards this season really was his downfall. Despite

Tintin Best Animated Feature- After a Golden Globe win and Producers guild of america Tintin seem set for Oscar glory but apparently not and leaves Rango to charge toward the finish. Maybe this was because the academy opinion seems to be that motion capture is not animation.

Project Nim Best Documentary-This ,film had won numerous awards, been on the top of numerous lists and received critical acclaim. I suppose the academy felt as if as if the director winning one Oscar (Man on Wire) was enough.

Surprise Inclusions                               

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Best Picture-This is certainly a huge surprise as almost everyone online dropped this out of there top ten as it failed to get nominations but apparently it made a turnaround which baffles me.

Tree of Life Best Picture-This isn't that of a surprise of again a lack of nominations seemed to really seemed to sink it but a lot of people are certainly are willing to put this at the top of their list.
Demian Bichir Best Actor-The SAG really seem to influence the Oscar nominations as after a SAG nomination really lead up to. It seem as if a lot of people forget about him bit it's good to see Indi actors getting recognized.

Gary Oldman Best Actor-This even more so than Demian Bichir seemed to go against the curve besides the BAFTA's he received almost no nominations. This probably because of sympathy more than anything else.

A Separation Best Original Screenplay-I cheered out loud when I heard this nomination it well earned surprising and probably due to  the fact that A Separation has such critical acclaim.

What it Means

I don't how to react to the nomination if the academy can act this weird then apparently anythings game. It pains to say this but golden globes has the better nominees this year. I think there settle down when they hand the award but anything is game. The nominations can effect the race in this way The Artist is clear the favorite in this race and so far there has been little chance given to the other contenders but this could possibility represent a turning point for Hugo. Leading the nominations can really help a film in the Oscar race it certainely helped the king speech last year .It's a small chance but if Hugo can win the DGA and increase thier momentum they could pull off the upset. Once Again It's a small chance but definitely plausible.  

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