Sunday, December 11, 2011

L.A,Boston and SF Critic Awards

Most of the critic awards come out this week in a effort to affect the golden globe and Sag nominations. First the L.A awards. The L.A awards giving out Best picture to The Descendants and best director to Terrence Malick with a runner up to Martin Scorsese. The L.A best film rarely goes onto to win Best picture and usually become the rival of the best picture winner. Best director for The Tree of Life is good because at this point The Tree of Life needs to pick up steam to seriously make a run at best picture. And a runner up to Hugo also shows that Hugo isn't forgotten as a contender. Best Actor to Micheal Fassbender again I can't account for more than one perforation so I'll ignore this. Best actress was out of left field and won't have any influence I had kinda of
forgotten about Kirsten Dunst to be honest. Best supporting actor to Christopher Plummer wasn't a shock but a runner up to Patton Oswalt certainly was. I think he really need a win though to spark  more attention. Best supporting actress going to Jessica Chastain again more than one performance. Best Screenplay going to a separation was weird and what was weirder was that they didn't give best foreign film to A separation which seemed like the favorite for best foreign film. Best animated  feature going to Rango and the runner up being Tin Tin just shows where the rivalry is going to continue to head. Full list here
Now onto the BC awards best film went to The Artist with Hugo as a runner up and best director Hugo with runner up to The Artist.  Although it's very good to see Hugo as best director and as the runner up I like to see it top the list because of the momentum it has gained. Best Actor went to the Brad Pitt with a runner up to George Clooney and Micheal Fassbender. Best Actress going to Michelle willams and runner up Meryl Streep. Both not surprises. Best supporting Actor going to Albert Brook and runner up to Max von sydow it's good to max von sydow getting attention and not getting completely lose in Christopher Plummber and Albert Brooks. Best supporting actress Melissa McCarthy was a shock and if your completely unaware of her Oscar nomination chances here's a wake up call. Best Screenplay going to a separation was out of left field and even weirder that they didn't give A separation Best Foreign Film considering it was the favorite.
SF gave their best picture and director to The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life seems I've said it before a lock for a best picture nod .  Best actress to Tilda Swinton and Best actor to Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman needs some attention to really beat out Micheal Fassbender and Tilda Swinton needs attention to have a chance maybe this could help them but I doubt it.Best supporting actor to Albert Brooks wasn't a shock but supporting to Vanessa Redgrave was. I think her biggest obstacle to a supporting actress nod is being known but again this could barely help. Best adapted and original screenplay were out of right film and will barely matter in the end but I would like to see Tinker,Tailor,Solider,Spy get a adapted screenplay nod.
Full list here
To summarize the the films Tree of Life,The Descendants,Hugo and The Artist all are battling it out for best picture. Oh and the ALI posted their list as well  but it  didn't really matter and was short but what is up with J.Edgar still making lists it's ridiculous and Bridesmaids was a shock it was no surprises list.
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